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The new TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule goes into effect on Oct. 3, 2015. What does it mean for New Hampshire REALTORS and their customers? Attorneys Matt Johnson and Derrick Ingraham take five minutes to explore that question in a true-false video, at left.


Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers: NH Oversample

One of the most important tools of sucessful brokers and agents in NH is now available to all NHAR members. Click here or at right for the recently released 2014 edition.


Legislative Update

The state legislature may be out of session, but your Government Affairs team has been hard at work. To learn more about how it has been working to protect private property rights and your business, find NHAR's latest Legislative Update here.

The updated Legislative chart is here.

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First Business Meeting

Read the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission's declaratory ruling on the definition of a "First Business Meeting," right here.


NHAR’s new housing data package is more comprehensive than ever. Click here for the September 2015 monthly report. Click here for the 2015 third quarter reportFor past reports, click here.


What's in your education portfolio? For those looking to expand, NHAR is offering four of the eight Graduate REALTOR Institute (GRI) designation courses in 2015. Click here to learn more.


Protecting private property rights and improving the business climate for our thousands of members. For the Government Affairs Update Center, click here. Click here for the updated Legislative Chart.


If you've got a legal question relating to your real estate business, we've either got your answer or we'll provide one shortly, right here at the NHAR Legal Resource Line.


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Want to learn more? Here's a recent webinar dotloop hosted for NHAR members.

"New Laws and Your Business"
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"New Laws and Your Business"
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"New Laws and Your Business"
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"New Laws and Your Business"
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