Standing Committees


Communications Committee

The purpose of the Communications Committee is to make recommendations on NHAR’s website, newsletter and other media communications so as to best communicate with our members and the public. It also serves to advise NHAR leadership and staff, and evaluate existing and developing technology and how best to utilize such technology in the service of the members.

Legal Committee

The role of the Legal Committee is to be responsible for professional standards, grievance, mediation and risk management administration, standard forms, related member education, and local board assistance. It is also responsible for obtaining and maintaining a working relationship with NHAR legal counsel.

Professional Development Committee

The role of the Professional Development Committee is to establish and recommend policies and programs to meet the current and future educational initiatives within NHAR and to encourage cooperative educational efforts with local associations and other industry related organizations. It is also responsible for various aspects of other NHAR events.

Public Policy Committee

The purpose of the Public Policy Committee is to review proposed legislation and regulations, establish an NHAR position on political issues and regulations, and to advise staff and contract lobbyists on strategy and position; also to assist in the creation and passage of proactive legislation and to monitor regulatory agencies and other governmental and political events. 

Finance Committee

The role of the Finance Committee is to advise and report to the Executive Committee on: Financial status of the Association; Financial policies of the Association; Investment accounts of the Association; and Annual Association budget process. The Finance Committee shall review and report to the Executive Committee on all non-budgeted requests from Administration, Standing Committees, Subcommittees, Task Forces and Working Groups.