Sample Policy Manual/Independent Contractor Agreement

After much diligence and review, NHAR is pleased to offer an office policy and independent contractor guide for your use as a REALTOR® member.

Your association worked to develop this guide as a service for our members; the cost for this office policy and independent contractor agreement would be $595 and is being offered to our members free of charge.

You are encouraged to modify the office policy to fit the needs of your business model. This is meant to be a living document that will evolve over time as you grow your business. The independent contractor agreement was developed with the most current laws in mind regarding independent contractors and, like the office policy manual, is meant to be a living document to change as your business grows.

A few reminders: This was developed by your association with New Hampshire law in mind and for use by New Hamshire offices, so please do not share this with other states. As with any legal document, you are encouraged to seek legal counsel to make sure your version is compliant with the law after you modify it for your business. Again, this is meant to be used as a guide for members.

Click here for the sample policy manual.

Click here for the independent contractor agreement.

We hope this proves to be just one of the many benefits you utilize as a member of NHAR.

Alan DeStefano
NHAR 2011 Legal Committee Chair