Board of Directors

Board of Directors

2020 New Hampshire REALTORS Board of Directors

* indicates member of Executive Committee

Ahlin, Kathy, Seacoast Board
Appel, Anne Marie, Sunapee Region Board
Baranofsky, Christine, Granite State South Board
Barnard, Bob, Monadnock Region Board
Billado, Anita, Sunapee Region Board
Chauvette, Priscilla, Greater Manchester/Nashua Board
* Cheney, Marion, Seacoast Board
Cole, Susan, Upper Valley Board
Covey, Shenia, Upper Valley Board
* Cushing, Ben, Sunapee Region Board
Deschenes, Dean, Contoocook Valley Board
* DeStefano, Alan, Lakes Region Board
* Drapeau, Marc, Strafford County Board
Dubreuil, Tammy, North Country Board
* Dumez, Richard, Upper Valley Board
Eames, Rachel, Seacoast Board
Friedman, Joseph, Commercial Investment Board
* Gaudet, Adam, Seacoast Board
* Gowen, Richard, Lakes Region Board
Gowen, Tara, Lakes Region Board
Greenwald, Joshua, Monadnock Region Board
* Griffin, Paul, New Hampshire Association
Hampton, Lisa, North Country Board
Howe, Michelle, Monadnock Region Board
Kennedy, Bill, Greater Claremont Board
Kerkhoff, Maggie, Greater Manchester/Nashua Board
Kneeland, Kevin, Seacoast Board
* Lee, Jim, Seacoast Board
Liberatore, David, Lakes Region Board
Lunderville, Viola, Greater Claremont Board
Mancuso, Diana, Granite State South Board
Mantos, Theodore, Seacoast Board
Mayer, Paul, White Mountain Board
McIntire, Joan, Sunapee Region Board
Murdough, Colin, Contoocook Valley Board
Murphy, Barbara, Strafford County Board
* Norwood, Christopher, Commercial Investment Board
O'Connell, Gerry, Commercial Investment Board
* O'Halloran, Dan, Sunapee Region Board
O'Hara, Lee Ann, White Mountain Board
Parks, Lee Ann, Strafford County Board
Paskavitch, Melanie, Capitol Region Board
Philbrick, Nancy, Greater Manchester/Nashua Board
Porro, Nicole, Capitol Region Board
Prizio, Rosalind, Granite State South Board
Riley, Tom, Greater Manchester/Nashua Board
Rollins, Doug, Lakes Region Board
Snyder, Kathy, Greater Manchester/Nashua Board
Sorrentino, Effie, Greater Manchester/Nashua Board
Stallkamp, Christian, Commercial Investment Board
Sullivan, John, Esq., New Hampshire Association
Ware, Christopher, Greater Manchester/Nashua Board
* White, Stephen, Greater Manchester/Nashua Board

"Amidst the sea of change to which the New Hampshire Association of REALTORS has played witness in its 85 years, one thing that has remained constant is the Realtor 'R' and the value we bring to every real estate transaction in which we take part. We are part of a unique community where our familial cooperation transcends our business competition. These are not mere platitudes, but our living ideals, and they are, in fact, the foundation on which we conduct ourselves in our day-to-day affairs."

Jim Lee, 2021 President, New Hampshire REALTORS