Public Policy Documents

Public Policy Documents

2020 Proposed Legislation

The New Hampshire REALTORS Public Policy Committee has begun the annual process of weeding through the thousand-plus Legislative Service Requests (LSRs) expected to be filed for the 2020 legislative session, determining which of them could have impacts on the real estate industry and/or private property rights.

Below is an ever-evolving list of those pieces of proposed legislation:


SENATE BILL 735-FNAN ACT repealing the housing appeals board.

SENATE BILL 721-FN-AAN ACT relative to court review of planning board decisions and making an appropriation therefor.

SENATE BILL 638-FNAN ACT establishing the New Hampshire housing and conservation planning program.

SENATE BILL 605-FNAN ACT relative to violations of privacy involving an unmanned aerial vehicle.

SENATE BILL 571AN ACT relative to the uniform disclaimer of property interests act.

SENATE BILL 562AN ACT relative to a property tax relief program for repairs and updates of affordable older homes.


SENATE BILL 728-FNAN ACT establishing the coastal program administered by the department of environmental services.

SENATE BILL 641-FNAN ACT establishing a state assistance to public drinking water systems program and fund.

HOUSE BILL 1347: AN ACT addressing impacts to other water users from new sources of water for community water systems.

HOUSE BILL 1537AN ACT relative to standards for perfluorochemicals in drinking water and ambient groundwater.

HOUSE BILL 1532AN ACT establishing a commission to review and propose initiatives to implement the recommendations of the 2020 forest resources plan.


SENATE BILL 710-FNAN ACT establishing a homeowners' association act.

SENATE BILL 661-FNAN ACT relative to economic revitalization zone tax credits.

SENATE BILL 627-FNAN ACT establishing a dock registration procedure.

SENATE BILL 617-FNAN ACT relative to a voluntary additional charge in the registry of deeds used to support the land and community heritage investment program (LCHIP), and establishing a committee to study the economic impact of land conservation and to review the LCHIP surcharge to the land and community heritage investment program.

SENATE BILL 589AN ACT allowing the commissioner of the department of environmental services to waive certain requirements for seasonal docks.


HOUSE BILL 1178: AN ACT relative to safety requirements for pools on foreclosed residential property.

HOUSE BILL 1367: AN ACT relative to out-of-state applicants occupational licensure or certification.

SENATE BILL 425-LOCAL:  AN ACT prohibiting registers of deeds from charging fees to municipalities for copies of documents used for tax purposes.

SENATE BILL 431AN ACT establishing a commission to study the adoption of remote online notarization in New Hampshire.

HOUSE BILL 1302AN ACT relative to the authority of limited liability company members or managers to execute real property transactions.

HOUSE BILL 1178AN ACT relative to safety requirements for pools on foreclosed residential property.

HOUSE BILL 1151AN ACT relative to the determination of homeowners insurance rates.

HOUSE BILL 1474AN ACT relative to deductions from the business profits tax for investment in federal Opportunity Zones in New Hampshire.

HOUSE BILL 1588-FNAN ACT establishing a mortgage mediation procedure.


HOUSE BILL 1131-FN-LOCALAN ACT repealing the timber tax.

HOUSE BILL 1197AN ACT exempting disabled veterans from the payment of property taxes.

HOUSE BILL 1161-FNAN ACT relative to electronic filings of meals and rooms tax returns and interest on payments of state taxes.

HOUSE BILL 1160-LOCALAN ACT allowing municipalities to collect an occupancy fee from operators of local room rentals.

HOUSE BILL 1155-FN-LOCAL: AN ACT relative to exemptions from timber taxes for certain residential cutting.

HOUSE BILL 1579-FNAN ACT relative to collection of tax for short-term rentals under the meals and rooms tax.

HOUSE BILL 1565-FNAN ACT relative to information on meals and rooms tax revenues in each municipality and requiring direct payment of certain revenues to municipalities.

HOUSE BILL 1533-LOCALAN ACT limiting the increase in property taxes for certain persons.

HOUSE BILL 1510-LOCALAN ACT enabling municipalities to adopt a property tax exemption for qualifying accessory dwelling units.

HOUSE BILL 1421-LOCALAN ACT relative to the application of the equalization rate to be used for the calculation of a property tax abatement by the New Hampshire board of tax and land appeals, the superior court, and all cities, towns, and counties.


SENATE BILL 568AN ACT establishing an oversight committee to the office of professional licensure and certification.

SENATE BILL 459AN ACT relative to determining access to broadband.

HOUSE BILL 1680-FNAN ACT relative to the collection of personal information by businesses.

HOUSE BILL 1224-FN-A-LOCALAN ACT making an appropriation to the lakeshore redevelopment planning commission.

HOUSE BILL 1208: AN ACT relative to notification of pesticide application in residential property.

HOUSE BILL 1154AN ACT enabling municipalities to exclude principal of retirement and pension accounts from assets used for eligibility for property tax exemptions.

HOUSE BILL 1367AN ACT relative to out-of-state applicants occupational licensure or certification.



Following each session at the State House, the NHAR Government Affairs team releases a compilation of new laws and regulations which could have an affect on your real estate business. Each is available for free, and can be found below. If you have any questions related to the publication, please contact NHAR Government Affairs Director Bob Quinn, by email or by calling 603-225-5549.

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Marc Drapeau, 2020 President, New Hampshire REALTORS

Marc Drapeau, 2020 President, New Hampshire REALTORS