Public Policy Documents

Public Policy Documents

2021 Legislative Chart

Click here for the most recent chart of legislation being followed by the NHAR Public Policy Committee.

2021 Proposed Legislation

The New Hampshire REALTORS Public Policy Committee has begun the annual process of weeding through the thousand-plus Legislative Service Requests (LSRs) expected to be filed for the 2021 legislative session, determining which of them could have impacts on the real estate industry and/or private property rights.

This list will be updated as new pieces of proposed legislation are examined by the committee.

SENATE BILL 146-FNAN ACT adopting omnibus legislation relative to the environment. (Sections 1 and VII ONLY)

SENATE BILL 152-FN-AAN ACT relative to affordable housing program funding (Section II ONLY)

SENATE BILL 155-FNAN ACT codifying provisions included in select emergency orders issued by the governor in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Sections XIII and XVI ONLY)

SENATE BILL 160-FNAN ACT relative to multiple employer welfare arrangements. (Don’t spend too much time on reviewing; we will discuss on Friday)

SENATE BILL 118-FN-A-LOCAL: AN ACT relative to the property tax relief act of 2021.

SENATE BILL 126-FN: AN ACT adopting omnibus legislation on landlord tenant proceedings. (Review parts I, II and III

SENATE BILL 127-FN-A-LOCAL: AN ACT adopting omnibus legislation on appropriations. (Review parts III and VII ONLY)

SENATE BILL 128-FN-A-LOCAL: AN ACT relative to a temporary change to operator compensation under the meals and rooms tax.

SENATE BILL 129: AN ACT relative to minimizing environmental impacts on the habitats of endangered or threatened species. (No need to spend much time figuring this one out. We will have details at next PPC)

SENATE BILL 131-FN: AN ACT adopting omnibus legislation relative to vehicles, municipal water maintenance certificates, safety certificates, nondrivers's picture I.D.s, decals, and private roads. (Review part IV ONLY)

SENATE BILL 133-FN: AN ACT adopting omnibus legislation relative to occupational licensure. (Review part VIII ONLY)

SENATE BILL 142-FN: AN ACT adopting omnibus legislation relative to certain study commissions. (Review part II ONLY)



Following each session at the State House, the NHAR Government Affairs team releases a compilation of new laws and regulations which could have an affect on your real estate business. Each is available for free, and can be found below. If you have any questions related to the publication, please contact NHAR Government Affairs Director Bob Quinn, by email or by calling 603-225-5549.

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