NH REALTOR, The official publication of the New Hampshire Association of REALTORS is a four-color, 50-page magazine distributed in hard copy, at no cost, to our roughly 7,000 members and another nearly 4,000 businesses and lawmakers in New Hampshire.

We are now in our sixth year of publication, the most recent issue being our Summer 2023 issue, distributed in June, including a cover story on the legislative tug-of-war over licensing, including that of real estate licensees. 

There are also our regular departments, including "Commercial Beat," "Legal Spotlight" with Matt Johnson, and "What I've learned," focusing each month on a long-time New Hampshire REALTOR. This issue's subject is Andy Smith, a broker at Badger Peabody & Smith Realty and a founding member of the state's Commercial Investment Board of REALTORS. Smith's advice for long-term success in the industry: Be genuine, have empathy, and don't take yourself too seriously. 

To view the digital Summer 2023 issue, click here.

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"Amidst the sea of change to which the New Hampshire Association of REALTORS has played witness in its 85 years, one thing that has remained constant is the Realtor 'R' and the value we bring to every real estate transaction in which we take part. We are part of a unique community where our familial cooperation transcends our business competition. These are not mere platitudes, but our living ideals, and they are, in fact, the foundation on which we conduct ourselves in our day-to-day affairs."

Ben Cushing, 2023 President, New Hampshire REALTORS